22/09/2015 12:50 PM AEST | Updated 15/07/2016 12:51 PM AEST

Leigh Sales Shuts Down Critics Of Her 'Flirtatious' Interview With Malcolm Turnbull

Twitter trolls be warned, Leigh Sales doesn't care what you think of her interview with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

The ABC journalist copped criticism for what some called a softer approach on Monday night's 730 program.

But as she points out in the following tweet, she gets criticism no matter what she does.

In the live interview for 7.30, on the same day Turnbull's newly formed Cabinet was sworn in at Government House, the interview covered industrial relations reform, terrorism threats and border disputes in the South China Sea.

Turnbull also shared what he'd learned from being dumped as Liberal leader in 2009.

"You don't learn a lot from success. If you can survive setbacks... an experience like that either makes you or breaks you," Turnbull said.

"You can come out of that reforged and regalvanised as a wiser and better person."

He also talked about the Newspoll published in The Australian earlier Monday showing the Coalition now had an election-winning lead over Labor, at 51 percent to 49 percent.

However, viewers were quick to point out the notoriously no-nonsense Sales also smiled, giggled and apologised for cutting Turnbull off.

The Australian columnist Sharri Markson called it "a flirtatious exchange, interspersed with laughter.".

Some Twitter users weren't so kind.

HuffPost Australia Editor-In-Chief Tory Maguire saw it a different way.