24/09/2015 2:33 PM AEST | Updated 15/07/2016 12:51 PM AEST

The Young Aussies Who Have Followed Through On Their Craft Beer Dream

In Sydney's Newtown Young Henry's has become an institution.

The craft beer bar was started by Oscar McMahon and Richard Adamson, who met in a pub and realised they had the same vision for their local nightlife.

"A good pub is an extension of your lounge room," Richard said.

Taking on the beer giants, these craft beer brewers came onto the scene and have already doubled their capacity four times in three years.

Their presence has not only influenced many more small bar owners to pop up, but for the bigger venues to make some changes.

"These little 40, 50-seat venues are making these massive 1000-person pubs have to look at their wine menu, look at their beer menu and change the way they operate," Oscar said.

"The great thing about making a whole bunch of beers is that there's a beer for everyone," Richard added.

Foraged is a web series hosted by Sydney chef Jovan Curic and follows passionate Aussie foodies doing great things for their local scenes.

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