24/09/2015 12:18 PM AEST | Updated 15/07/2016 12:51 PM AEST

Pimped Out Soft Serve Is The Next Thing In Crazy Desserts

Video by Tom Compagnoni

Poor cupcakes. Don't you feel sorry for them? They used to be the 'it' sweet treat of the moment. People were eating and gifting and Instagraming cupcakes like they'd never seen cupcakes before. Then, fancy French macarons came along and stole the sweet treat spotlight.

But they were much simpler times -- when people were satisfied with ordinary, normal sized-portions of already existing cakes and biscuits.

Then, things started to get a bit out of hand. Doughnuts and croissants were having cronut babies, muffins mated with croissants to create cruffin spawn, gelato shops went mad creating crazy concoctions, and milkshakes started spewing out Tim Tams, cookies, ice cream and caramel syrup.

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Seems we're nuts about OTT desserts. So what's next (besides diabetes)? Full-on fancy soft serve, that's what.

We're not talking the change-from-a-dollar stuff made from a powdered base, which you might get at some of the fast food stores -- we're talking fine dining, made from scratch, all the bells-and-whistles soft serve.

"It has taken us over six months to perfect the making of soft serve from scratch. It's very different and much more difficult than making traditional cream," reveals Evan Hansimikali, owner of Pink Salt restaurant in Sydney's Double Bay, which created the dessert.

"Nearly all the places making soft serve use a standard vanilla powdered mix and then add water. By making our base mix from scratch we have a lot more freedom to produce quality,distinct flavours and combinations that don’t taste artificial. Then our pastry chefs goes to work on hand-making toppings that complete our soft serves."

All toppings are handmade on site

A clever cookie himself, Hansimikali and his restaurant has teamed up with a bunch of food bloggers to create a 10-week series during which a different creation, dreamed up by the bloggers, will be revealed and available for that week.

If you live in Sydney we suggest you get yourself down to Double Bay for a sugar high. The rest of the country can follow the soft serve challenge by searching the hashtags #pinksaltdoublebay #springsoftservechellenge