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Men Of Australia, Exactly What Not To Do On A Date, Courtesy Of The Bachelorette

Australia witnessed the first ever episode of The Bachelorette on Wednesday night -- with Sam Frost, from season two’s The Bachelor -- as the leading lady. True to form, the cringe moments were so incredibly bad they were good, and Frost did an impressive job of selling the BS version of courtship that makes up the foundation of the show.

The highlights included a storyline based solely on bro code, a stuck up model and a dude doing a headstand. Sasha, a construction manager who appeared to be a frontrunner from the first meeting took out the first rose while Shane and Luke were sent home. Here, a wrap up of the worst pick up attempts.

David, a professional model, who, loves to talk about the fact he's a professional model

"I'm not actually from Australia, I was born in Poland -- so anyone who marries me will get a European passport."

Davey, a builder from the Northern Beaches who's had, like, 78954 girlfriends

“My mates call me love nuts... I’ve got the nickname ‘GG’ -- as in ‘girlfriend guy’ -- I’ve had seven solid relationships.”


Sam: “How would your friends describe you in three words?”

Davey: “Full blown legend.”

As well as...

Sam: "What’s your pickup line?"

Davey: “Smile if I can kiss you.”

Will, the musician that wrote Sam a ditty

“Sam, you’re better looking than Peter Pan.”

Kieren, the exercise physiologist who wants seven kids

“Can we just take a selfie?”

Kayne, the mining electrician who gave Sam Frost a Frosty Fruit GEDDIT?!

“I’ll make a bet with you, if I give you a 20 second headstand, you’ll give me a rose.”

Drew, the sleep technician who arrived with a barn owl called Gisele

“I think the owl’s probably brought me a week or two just to woo her over.”

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