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Justin Bieber Wants To Redeem Himself To Aussie Fans

It was all squeals, glitter eyebrows (the new flower crown, perhaps?) and "What Do You Mean" posters on Wednesday morning as Justin Bieber took over Sydney’s Cockatoo Island -- appropriately renamed 'Bieber Island' for his Sydney Harbour performance.

The concert saw the 21-year-old perform songs from all four of his albums while being interviewed in between sets by Channel Seven’s David Koch and Samantha Armytage and KIIS FM’s Kylie and Jackie O.

His Australian visit coincides with the release of his Complex magazine cover, where he opened up about his arrest in Miami last year (when he was charged for DUI and drag racing) as well as the infamous time he urinated in a bucket at a nightclub.

Sunrise’s Koch and Armytage kept questions fairly tame however, highlighted the fact it hasn’t exactly been smooth sailing for Biebs, particularly in recent years.

“I went through a period that most individuals go through -- it’s that period of just testing the waters and figuring out who you are and there were some things that I look back on and I’m not proud of -- but I look at that as a learning process, and I wouldn’t take back anything,” said Bieber.

He also opened up about his emotional VMA performance last month when he broke into tears while performing his latest single 'What Do You Mean' to a thunderous crowd.

“I feel like I see the world in a different way now and I think that before, I was so tainted by so many people disappointing me, and a lot of people I put my trust in let me down -- I’ve definitely met some people who took advantage of me and the situation,” he said.

The singer, who visited Australia earlier this year for a Hillsong conference admitted he’s on a different path now.

“I feel like in the past few years I haven’t used my platform in the way that I can and in the way that I want to -- so I want to redeem myself and spread light and hope and positivity,” he said.

The crowd, which was made up of mostly competition winners (and chaperone parents) was well behaved -- although things got a little crazy when Biebs elaborated on his number one single "What Do You Mean" -- flirting with the audience telling them, “You girls know what I’m talking about, you know that you know what you mean.”

Of course things escalated even more when he performed the EDM track, singing live -- and incredibly well -- while bouncing in a way only a Belieber can.

He played two more songs than scheduled, telling the audience he’s having too much fun and finished with some acoustic versions of his hits, closing with "Baby" -- the single that catapulted a then 15-year-old Biebs to global fame.

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