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Pregnant Sarah Harris Tells Body Shamers To Get Stuffed, Totally Owns It

Generally when you fall pregnant, for the majority of women at least, weight gain is a given. After all, you are growing a tiny human inside you. With bones, muscles and organs.

However, for some reason, this is hard for people to get their head around. We’ve already seen Kim Kardashian become a tabloid target of pregnant body shaming and now, Australian journalist and Studio 10 co-host, Sarah Harris has been on the receiving end of such vicious attacks following a series of images published this week.

During Thursday morning’s Studio 10 program, Harris addressed the images and how she made the mistake of reading comments people were making about them, which she said were “just revolting” before providing the perfect response to the haters.

“My first reaction when I saw these photos was ‘Oh my God.’”

“When you’re pregnant you do feel very vulnerable and very self-conscious about your body, but then I thought, you know what? Bugger it -- I’m growing a baby -- this is me and this is how I get around,” she said.

“I hope those photos make other pregnant women feel better about their bodies because I’m kind of fed up with the body shaming that happens when you’re pregnant and then the pressure that comes afterwards to lose the baby weight,” said Harris.

“On behalf of all of the pregnant women out there who might be feeling a little bit chubby and bit flabby, I want to say to the haters, get stuffed!”

Before giving her final two cents, and highlighting the fact that the story was completely incorrect.

“By the way, I wasn’t leaving work I was leaving a Mexican restaurant where I had an awesome chicken burrito.”

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