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Australia's Calendar Is Crazy This Weekend

The first weekend in October is always a huge weekend around the country, but 2015 is absolutely crazy.

As we move from September into October, it is the signal of the impending silly season; summer, Christmas and New Year's Eve are all just around the corner. Every year the first weekend in October signals the National Rugby League grand final, the start of daylight savings time for much of the country, and a public holiday for Labour Day for several states.

Usually that's enough for most of us, having to navigate the regular confusion around changing clocks for daylight savings -- do we go forward? Back? "Spring forward, fall back"... -- while also co-ordinating a long weekend.

But this year Victoria threw a spanner into the works, both placing the Australian Football League grand final a week later than usual AND instituting a brand new public holiday on Friday. All the disparity between states is tearing us apart.

In case you're struggling to keep up, print this out and stick it on the fridge to help you get through this crazy weekend:

FRIDAY: AFL Grand Final holiday (Victoria)

SATURDAY: AFL Grand Final (Melbourne)

SUNDAY 2AM: Daylight savings begins (NSW, VIC, SA, TAS, ACT)

SUNDAY EVENING: NRL Grand Final (Sydney)

SUNDAY NIGHT: Queensland goes nuts, after the Cowboys or Broncos win the NRL grand final

MONDAY: Labor Day holiday (ACT, NSW, QLD & SA)

TUESDAY: Back to normal?

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