03/10/2015 12:00 PM AEST | Updated 15/07/2016 12:50 PM AEST

Higher Police Visibility Expected At Sydney Grand Final After Parramatta Shooting

Mark Kolbe via Getty Images
SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - OCTOBER 05: A policeman looks on during the 2014 NRL Grand Final match between the South Sydney Rabbitohs and the Canterbury Bulldogs at ANZ Stadium on October 5, 2014 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

NSW Premier Mike Baird has urged people to go on with their lives, including celebrating this weekend’s AFL and NRL Grand Finals, following a shooting which left two people dead in Parramatta last night.

“What we do as a state and nation is we go on," Baird said.

"We go on with our lives and this is a great weekend for families across this country and across NSW.

“Whatever you do on a Saturday, go out and do it.

NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione, however, said police were vigilant and prepared to deal with anything they were confronted with.

“We are an organisation on high alert," Scipione said.

“We’re even more acutely aware that we need to be on top of our game."

He was hesitant to reveal details regarding security for the two weekend grand finals, saying it could reduce the effectiveness of the plan, but said NSW Police were "responding appropriately".

“There will be a very large police presence," Scipione said.

“We’ve taken into consideration what happened yesterday. You might see higher visibility, but that may of may not indicate a higher presence of police."

A media spokesperson from the NRL told The Huffington Post Australia they were leaving the matter in the hands of NSW Police, who are providing all the security for the game which will take place at the ANZ Stadium in Sydney on Sunday evening.

According to Google Maps, the ANZ Stadium is about 10.2 km from police headquarters where the shooting took place.

Baird also praised the bravery of the police and offered his condolences to the family of the the civilian finance worker, Curtis Chang, who was killed.

“I want to acknowledge the bravery of the constables," Baird said.

"This is a reminder to all of us what our police do on a daily basis."