08/10/2015 9:33 AM AEDT | Updated 15/07/2016 12:51 PM AEST

NSFW: A Teenage Coming Of Age Film Meets A Crime Thriller

BLOOD PULLS A GUN // Short Film from Ben Briand on Vimeo.

Warning: some scenes are NSFW including nudity and violence.

Somewhere between the ages of 14-18 teenagers start to peer into their adulthood, experimenting with thrill and breaking the rules.

Blood Pulls A Gun is part coming of age film, part crime thriller, which explores this very concept.

The film follows a young girl who is starting to notice life. She becomes enamoured with a strange man who checks into her Dad's roadside motel. A man called Blood.

While she's been obsessed with stealing personal memories from the same line up of monotonous characters that check into the motel, this man's presence finally gives her a look into a dangerous and mysterious life she craves.

"You could set this place on fire and it wouldn't change a thing. It would still be the same boring parade. Holiday shirts, truck drivers, caravaners. Old men who think it's funny to pull a coin from your ear, like you're still a little girl," she quips.

It's a tense dance between the two characters and their stories, and ultimately culminates in violence and a loss of innocence.

It's also seriously brilliant.

Created by Aussie director and writer Ben Briand, it stars the incredible Odessa Young as the main character. You might recognise her from the TV series Wonderland, and she is someone you know will go on to be one of Australia's biggest exports.

To see more from Ben Briand you can check out his his Vimeo page.

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