14/10/2015 2:37 PM AEDT | Updated 15/07/2016 12:50 PM AEST

David Beckham Stars As Outlaw Motorbike Stuntman In Love Triangle

Outlaws are usually lonely figures. No home to call their own because they're always on the run.

Like David Beckham's character in this short film, Outlaw. He plays a brooding, mysterious character (and pretty darn well) called The Stranger.

He starts out as a lonely biker haunting the highways, who finds himself living amongst circus freaks as a motorcycle stunt driver, consumed by desire for the female main star.

She is equally desired by the circus director though, who controls his talent with an iron first.

Set amongst a stunning Mexico backdrop, Beckham finds himself at the centre of this love triangle which lends itself to a story of love, betrayal and danger.

It's a modern take on your classic 1950s western film. With a bit of Noir and old-European mixed in for good measure.

Though the former football star doesn't say much, or anything at all, he plays a pretty convincing outlaw.

Created for the biker clothing brand, Belstaff, the film was directed by Geremy Jasper and is the first fashion film, in a long time, to be as well received as it has been.

But if you didn't know Belstaff or know much about fashion at all, then you would see this for what it is -- quite simply a pretty impressive indie flick.

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