12/10/2015 11:48 AM AEDT | Updated 15/07/2016 12:50 PM AEST

A Time Lapse That Shows How A Monsoon Develops

A monsoon is the seasonal change in direction of the strongest winds of a region. While it can occur in both the winter and summer months, the most powerful usually occur as the weather heats up.

The winter monsoon will bring long periods of dry conditions, but the summer monsoon develops due to warm moist air, which creates high pressure zones causing the winds change from land-to-ocean to ocean-to-land.

That means it can bring heavy rainfall and can cause devastating floods if it chooses.

There's a lot going on that we can't see in real time. So this time lapse showing how monsoons develop and act is incredible to see.

Shot in 4K the clarity of shots is amazing and it would have taken considerable time and patience to put together.

See how the sky moves like the ocean, the immense power behind storm clouds and watch as the sky turns from shades of blue, to purple, to pink, orange and dark grey.

The video was created by Mike Olbinski and was filmed in Arizona in the United States this year, where monsoon season runs from June 15- September 30.

It makes you wonder, what would a time lapse of a Queensland summer storm look like? Now that would be cool to see.

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