13/10/2015 3:03 PM AEDT | Updated 15/07/2016 12:50 PM AEST

How To Get Summer-Body Ready Fast

luckyraccoon via Getty Images
Beautiful young woman in bikini on the sunny tropical beach relaxing in water

Summer's just around the corner and for millions of Aussies that means surf, sand and... swimsuits.

But it also can mean scrambling to shape up and get beach-ready after hibernating through winter.

Luckily, there are still seven weeks until December -- more than enough time to turbocharge your physical fitness, overhaul your diet and end up looking fab in a pair of togs.

Celebrity trainer Donna Aston says cutting out sugar is a sure-fire way to drop kilos as Summer approaches.

"Diet is really 80 percent of the equation if you're trying to strip some body fat off, which is generally what people are trying to do for summer," Aston told The Huffington Post Australia.

"Sugar is the worst one, so at social and Christmas events where there's lots of sugary food try not to go there hungry, have a snack beforehand."

It's also important to eat three meals a day with "loads of vegetables" and protein, and to keep clear of snacks, Aston added.

Alcohol is another big no-no.

"Basically being lean and drinking a lot of alcohol generally don't go together," she added

"If you want to have a lifestyle when you're drinking to excess then you're never going to get into good shape. It'd be nice to have your cake and eat it too, but generally that doesn't happen."

Aston says exercising for at least 30 minutes each day will also help you trim down fast.

But for a supercharged workout, the recommendation is high intensity interval training.

"Sprint for a hundred metres and then walk, or if you've got a timer on your iPhone use it to walk for a minute then run for a minute then walk for a minute," says the fitness guru, who has trained the likes of Simon Cowell, Peter Alexander, Sigrid Thornton, Vince Colosimo and Dave Hughes.

Facialist to the A-list Jocelyn Petroni has a simple message ahead of summer -- wear sunscreen.

"Don't be afraid to wear a 30-plus every single day," said Petroni, who counts Miranda Kerr, Megan Gale and Michelle Bridges as clients.

She says there's no reason to be concerned about wearing sunscreen daily so long as it's paired with "really thorough exfoliation".

"Maintaining regular exfoliation on a weekly basis will help counteract any congestion from sunscreen if you are prone to it," Petroni told The Huffington Post Australia.

"Look for a scrub that is dense with granules so that it actually slot away that surface dried edge build up to reveal fresher skin, and also to help unclog pores and release congestion."

Petroni's other key tips include wearing sunglasses, keeping aloe vera gel on hand for after-sun care, transitioning to a lighter cleanser, and getting a facial before summer starts.

"I think it's really good to have a facial with every seasonal change," she said.

"Four facials a year, every 12 weeks, is fantastic because as the seasons change your skin really changes and it needs a deep clean."