13/10/2015 9:43 AM AEDT | Updated 15/07/2016 12:50 PM AEST

The Woman Who Lives Life As A Mermaid

In Byron Bay, Kazzie Mahina spends most of her time living life as though she's a mermaid.

It's not that she believes she's a mermaid, it's that she actually gets paid to dress and appear like one.

With her own set of mermaid fins designed for Urban Outfitters and appearances in music clips and commercials, Mahina has nailed the mermaid look so much that she's become the go to woman for such roles.

In this short feature by Media Animal TV, Tracey Preston delves into Mahina's story.

Kazzie Mahina. Image supplied by Media Animal TV

It's a pretty interesting life Mahina leads, but it's not something that escapes her. She explains in the video how lucky she feels to be paid to live like this and to travel the world doing so.

But it's not just about taking on the character, she also spends a fair bit of her time inspiring children to disconnect from their devices and get outside.

"I want to inspire children by educating them about the natural world they live in," she said.

"I also really want to inspire them to get back outside and get dirty and play."

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