19/10/2015 4:26 PM AEDT | Updated 15/07/2016 12:50 PM AEST

Storytelling For Social Entrepreneurs - Four Tips for Success

Excited businesswoman with chart giving presentation

The road to positive change involves inspiring others to action. And the success of these efforts – whether marketing, fundraising, grant writing or community building – comes down to good storytelling. With that in mind we sat down with SSE Australia fellows from Digital Storytellers to gain some insights on story telling ahead of their exciting new 'What's Your Impact Story?' workshops being run in Sydney and Melbourne.

Whether you are presenting to a potential investor or simply raising awareness, it's crucial for social entrepreneurs to be able to effectively convey the value of your work. And, with the advent of social media and the falling costs of digital production, there never been a greater opportunity to use digital storytelling share your story with the people or communities that can help you amplify your impact on the world.

Here are Digital Storytellers top tips for digital storytelling for social entrepreneurs.

Start strong. What is the most powerful thing you can show, say or convey in the first 10 seconds of your story to grab their attention? Think epic, unexpected and eye-catching.

Put your audience at the centre of your story. Make THEM the hero (not necessarily you or your organisation). Tell a story which shows how their actions are creating positive impact and they will feel empowered to take action.

Do your research. In the post-broadcast era, we have the opportunity to get our stories directly to who we need to hear them. Profile your audience and hone in on the key messages, values, images and voices which will spur them into action.

Be authentic. While high budget production and a fancy camera might make your story look good, the most important aspect in establishing a connection with your audience is an authentic human story.

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