19/10/2015 8:15 PM AEDT | Updated 15/07/2016 12:50 PM AEST

Bonds Releases Second 'Ballsy' Short Film As Part Of Undies Campaign

The boys are back in the second installment of Bonds' self-described "ballsy" videos as part of the company's new men's underwear campaign.

The first video, titled "The Boys - Part 1: Impact" was released earlier this month and quickly garnered attention for its comical depiction of two "balls" hanging around, pondering the meaning of life. It has since received nearly two million hits and 300,000 shares.

The second video, released today, charters the boys as they face the consequences of their owner going for a swim and also the perils of old underwear.

The company has also released some information about the pair -- named Robbo and Dennis -- detailed below.

Robbo a.k.a. The Right One

As the lazier one of the pair, Robbo, enjoys a chilled life hanging on the right side. While being sporty isn’t really his thing (cycling and swimming - definitely not!) if he has to workout then a casual jog in the open air, where he can enjoy the breathable fabric of a Bonds Active Trunk, is all good in his manhood. Just like his best buddy Dennis, comfort means a lot to him, which is why the Bonds Guyfront Trunk makes him feel #blessed

Likes: Free time, Christmas (hello new socks and jocks!)

Dislikes: Crossed legs, swimming and cycling

Favourite hangout: Kicking back on the couch

Favourite song: Anything by Barry White

Favourite movie: "Failure to Launch"

Favourite food: Hotdogs

Favourite app: Angry Birds

Favourite quote: “Never let anyone dull your sparkle”

Dennis a.k.a. The Left One

Hanging a little lower than his buddy Robbo, Dennis is the type that likes to keep things neat and tidy. A pro when it comes to trimming the hedges, Dennis is a leftie that loves a bit manscaping. This does mean that things can get a bit itchy from time to time, but anything that helps a fella find the forest through the trees is a bonus, right? Just like Robbo, he hates old holey undies and feeling out of control, which is why a supportive pair of Bonds Fit Trunks is his happy place.

Likes: Manscaping, Netflix and chill

Dislikes: Getting kicked, getting cold, and dressing to the right

Favourite hangout: Dropping it like it’s hot on the dance floor

Favourite song: "The Thong Song" by Sisqo

Favourite movie: "Dodgeball"

Favourite food: Mixed nuts

Favourite app: Instagram

Favourite quote: “When nothing goes right, go left”

Check out the original video below.