20/10/2015 1:18 PM AEDT | Updated 15/07/2016 12:50 PM AEST

The Star Wars Trailer For The Force Awakens Has Officially Dropped

The new trailer for 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' has been unleashed on the world. And it's nothing short of two minutes and 22 seconds of spine-tingling glory.

In it we meet Rey, the lead character. Who is she? The daughter of Han and Leia? A Skywalker?

"I’m no-one," she says.

We see Finn. Is he a disaffected Storm Trooper?

"I’ve got nothing left to fight for," he says as he surveys the sand dunes of a world not unlike Tatooine, but apparently a planet called Jakku.

"Nothing will stand in our way, I will finish what he started," says Kylo Ren (the bad guy) as we pan over another glimpse of Darth Vader's burned-out helmet.

And then the music. The music!

Han and Leia’s theme from The Empire Strikes Back swells over scenes of The Millennium Falcon dodging Tie-Fighters through wreckage of a crashed Star Destroyer.

Let me repeat that: The Millennium Falcon dodging Tie-Fighters through wreckage of a crashed Star Destroyer.

It's a great time to be a Star Wars fan.

And then we get to the emotional core of the trailer.

"There were stories about what happened," says Rey, standing next to Fin aboard the Falcon.

"It's true. All of it,"responds an aged Han Solo who looks like the Galaxy hasn't given him any respite for the preceding 30 years.

The rest of the trailer is a montage of quick-fire action scenes over a triumphant re-working of the classic 'Force' theme, each moment more reassuring than the last that this is every bit the Star Wars film you’ve been waiting for.

When the trailer finishes only one thought remains as you catch your breath and wipe the tear from your eye.

Where, but where, is Luke Skywalker?

In an age where trailers give away entire plot summaries, it’s nice to know that one of the most anticipated comebacks in movie history still has some surprises left in store.