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'I Miss You': A Short Film Capturing How It Feels To Break Up

It's hard to comprehend a breakup when the love hasn't totally been lost.

It leaves you without the person but with the residual of those intense feelings. So although you can go days and weeks without thinking about them, some mornings you wake up, and you just miss them.

That's what this short film is all about. It captures two young people falling in love, and then continues right through to the breakup.

After some time has passed, the young man in the story writes a letter to his ex that explains although he doesn't regret the breakup the remnants of their relationship causes him to think of her from time-to-time.

"And the full weight of what's been lost, crashes down on me," he says.

Created by a group of young Aussie filmmakers, Beyond Tomorrow Films, this story should relate to anyone who has been through the kind of breakup where you never quite fell totally out of love.

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