22/10/2015 7:57 AM AEDT | Updated 15/07/2016 12:50 PM AEST

Facebook Introduces Grey Ticks For Small Business


If not being able to have a verification tick on your Facebook business page has really been ticking you off, then life as you know it is about to change.

Facebook has launched verification badges for local businesses, which means you can apply for a grey tick on your page.

Facebook’s blue tick is still reserved for celebrities, public figures, sports teams as well as media or entertainment companies -- sadly, small business can't pretend to be just like Beyonce.

But the move is great news for those who want to stand out from the crowd - and it’s a big crowd with 45 million businesses worldwide on the social media channel - and allow customers to find and recognise you more easily.

Kirsten Bury, product marketing manager for Facebook Pages said: "We are expanding our Verified Pages program to include local businesses for the first time. Now, local businesses in Australia can add a badge to their page that lets people know they're visiting that business's official Facebook presence.”

The verification tick will give peace of mind to nervous online shoppers. BLOOM PRODUCTIONS/GETTY

Verification ticks are available for local businesses in Australia, New Zealand, the US, Canada and the UK.

“We plan to extend Verified Pages for local businesses to more countries soon," she said.

Facebook has updated its help page to make it easy to apply.

Stuart McGill, Digital Marketer with Motivus Training, said it was important for eligible small businesses to apply for the tick to boost their profile and their engagement with nervy customers.

“Anything that adds to authenticity and reduces customer anxiety about whether this business is real, whether it’s a scam and singles you out as someone who is authentic and real is good,” he told Huffington Post Australia.

“There is no doubt that people who are potential customers for our business still have a great level of anxiety about whether or not they’re going to get done over if they deal with you electronically, especially people who are not digital natives, people who are 35-plus.

"So the more that can be done for businesses and their customers to know they are all real and can happily deal with each other, the better.”

For now the option is limited to businesses which display their physical location on their Facebook pages.

Page administrators can log in to see if the option to verify is in the settings and, if so, can complete the verification process immediately by using your publicly-listed phone number.

If you want to verify using a business document such as an ABN document or phone bill, that process may take a few days.