24/10/2015 10:44 AM AEDT | Updated 15/07/2016 12:50 PM AEST

Short Animation Looks At The Demise Of Humanity Through Philosophy

Strange alloy - indy very short film from liok on Vimeo.

Many years after the collapse of humanity, a space dragon finds itself on Earth looking to understand this strange world and what came of the civilisation that simply disappeared.

The short animated film is called Strange Alloy, and is a philosophical story hypothesising how the human race could come to an end.

The idea is explored by way of the space dragon who takes on the mission to uncover what happened to humanity, so as to help the alien civilisation from facing a similar fate.

The creature questions whether humanities most instinctive emotions and lack of philosophical alchemy led to our end.

"Maybe they teached their kids competition instead of empathy," it said.

The film is incredible to watch and was created in two months by director Loïc Bramoullé.

He shot the basic landscapes of the film in Myanmar and then added in the animations through his own illustrations and designs back in his Paris studio.

The script is based on Buddhist philosophies, as Bramoullé explains in a short feature on the making of this film, which you can watch by heading over here.

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