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Endorphin Junkies, There's A New Workout Trend You Should Know About

close up of woman holding weight in gym
close up of woman holding weight in gym

If you’re someone that does yoga at one studio, circuit at another and the odd pilates class somewhere else, then you might want to know about a new fitness “hybrid” trend taking The States by storm, and coming to a gym near you.

In short, hybrid workouts blend two different types of training. For instance yoga and cycle, or boxing and yoga into the one routine -- so you might cycle for 30 minutes, followed by 30 minutes of yoga -- resulting in more calories burned and improved flexibility and strength.

Former NRL player Ben Lucas is the co-owner of Sydney’s Flow Athletica and has jumped on the movement, offering multi-dimensional workout classes at his Eastern suburbs studio after visiting America and seeing first-hand its success.

“Our goal was to get the yogis out of the yoga room and into the weights room -- and the strength and fitness people into the yoga room,” said Lucas.

For Lucas, mixing up a workout is something he’s been passionate about after taking up yoga himself a few years ago.

“I was training for an ultra marathon, and it wasn’t until I started doing yoga that my recovery became much easier,” he said.

The new classes get you “more bang for your buck” as well as more variety in a shorter period of time, reflecting the likes of KX Pilates and F45 -- which have become increasingly popular for the way their programs combine two components (strength and cardio) into the one workout.

“Three hybrid sessions a week is effectively six different sessions -- but with only three trips to the gym,” he said.

Lucas said there are four workout offerings -- spin and yoga, spin and strength, spin and barre and boxing and yoga.

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