28/10/2015 6:31 AM AEDT | Updated 15/07/2016 12:50 PM AEST

Nutritionists Reveal The Perfect Breakfast


While we know it's the most important meal of the day, many of us are in a mad dash to make it to wherever we need to be in the mornings, leaving little or no time for breakfast preparation. With that in mind, The Huffington Post Australia asked three nutritionists for their take on great breakfast options for weekdays and weekends.

Jacqueline Alwill, Nutritionist and director of The Brown Paper Bag.


Sweet banana and coconut omelette

This literally takes a minute to whisk together and another minute or so in the pan and feels like something you would eat on the weekend! It’s a great boost of protein to start the day and sweetened just by banana and vanilla. The banana is a great option for some carbohydrate and potassium stores, and eggs for protein if you’ve trained in the morning. If you need a great post workout breakfast that ticks all the right boxes.

Lemon coconut bircher

This is easy to prepare the night before and have waiting to be topped with some grated apple or any seasonal fruits if you wish. Also an excellent breakfast for when you need to get off to work early, you can grab it from the fridge to go! Oats are such a great source of fibre and whole grain carbohydrates so you’ll always feel well satiated with them in your tummy first thing.

Buckwheat seed bread with smashed avocado, lime and coriander

Buckwheat seed bread is basically a staple in our home, and there’s always some on standby in the freezer for quick breakfasts. Buckwheat is a wonderful gluten free grain (well it’s actually a fruit seed, so more a pseudograin) with a great nutrition profile that’s easy for most people to digest. Topped with avocado which is a beautiful source of essential fats and I am ready and roaring for a big day ahead!


Baked eggs

My absolute weekend favourite. I’ll use anything on hand for these and they always seem to work - simply sauté some tomatoes and red capsicum in the pan, then in a ramekin place baby spinach, shredded kale leaves, leftover steamed veges like green beans, anything! Top with tomatoes, pop a few spoonfuls of goat cheese, feta or greek yoghurt, (sometimes I’ll use pesto too) around the tomatoes and capsicum, add any fresh herbs on hand, then crack the eggs over the top. Into the oven for 20 minutes and it’s easy gourmet breakfast on the weekend! These are such a great way to increase your vegetable intake for the day with a great hit of protein.

Zucchini or pea fritters

These take a little longer and are better for a weekend breakfast as the batter for the fritters is best left to rest either overnight or for an hour or so before cooking. Zucchini and peas are two of my favourite vegetables as they’re so versatile and peas are sweet and delicious! I’ll use a combination of zucchini, peas, coconut flour, eggs, dill, coriander, Spanish onion and chilli in my fritters which is perfect balance of flavours, vitamins, minerals, fibre and phytochemicals from vegetables and herbs a plenty. So wonderful on a bed of baby spinach with some smashed avocado and lemon, or homemade tomato sauce and feta on top. Protein, carbs, fats -- done!

Pea fritters

Melanie McGrice, Nutritionist.



My favourite weekday brekkie is a bowl of natural muesli topped with milk, Greek yoghurt and some berries. Muesli is high in fibre, it’s filling, quick to prepare and tasty. For clients who don’t have time to prepare even this, I recommend a bircher muesli so that it’s all prepared in separate bowls or containers and all you need to do is pull it out of the fridge and eat!


Wholegrain toast

On the weekends, I love a slice of freshly baked wholegrain toast topped with a mixture of diced avocado, my home-grown tomatoes, freshly picked basil leaves, a squeeze of lemon and some fetta crumbled through, served with a latte or glass of milk. This brekkie is still rich in fibre, protein and calcium, and is packed full of good fats and antioxidants. There’s nothing more satisfying than gathering fresh ingredients from your garden to start the weekend in a great frame of mind!

Zoe Bingley Pullin, Nutritionist.



I love smoothies and shakes, as they are some of the most effective in terms of saving time and nutrition density. Smoothies are an effective way to get those nutrients you need in the morning and compliment your on-the-go lifestyle.You can pack them full of wholefoods and superfoods, add fruits and throw them in, mix in kale, cucumber and a bit of carrot for sweetness. In terms of plant milks, I love using coconut and almond milk at the moment. Add a tablespoon of virgin coconut oil or avocado oil, then sprinkle in chia seeds or pepitas. You can add maca powder or acai or spirulina.



I love eggs. I make scrambled egg using chia and unsweetened almond milk and it is delicious, Or an omelette with a piece of sourdough and avocado. Something you can enjoy when you have more time to prepare.