02/11/2015 1:30 AM AEDT | Updated 15/07/2016 12:50 PM AEST

Save The World (And Get Rich Trying)

3d rendering, America - Usa. World network, internet..Photorealistic globe with lots of details.

Success in the modern world has long been defined not by who we are or what we do, but how much we make. For decades now we've been trying to keep up with the race to earn more, make more, have more. And in doing so we've largely ignored the greatest race of all - the race to save the world.

From climate change to clean water sources to basic human rights, society as a whole is in need of help, and we're all getting on board. Even the boardrooms. Where once "saving the planet" was a bumper sticker on a VW Kombi van, now the world's greatest business minds are putting their money where the problem is and combining great ideas, social entrepreneurship and ambitious innovation in order to make a difference to the future.

And you can be a part of it. Check out these videos for some how-to advice on saving the world, while still paying your bills.

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