17/11/2015 11:42 AM AEDT | Updated 15/07/2016 12:50 PM AEST

Five Shocking Things Your Body Can't Do Over The Age Of 30

Man training with weights in gym

It was easy once, and now it's impossible! Once you hit your forth decade your bod struggles to keep up with its previous bad-ass behaviours. But don't worry, it's not all bad.

Baby Making

The facts on fertility is the sooner the better if you want to get pregnant. Sperm starts a slow decline in terms of volume and speed from the age of 20 and female eggs are at their prime in a woman's twenties, meaning it's easier to fall pregnant before the age of 32 when fertility starts to struggle.

What the statistics don't spread around though is that women in their thirties report having more sex and more intense sexual fantasies than younger women and men peak sexually at 30 in terms of testosterone levels. So while it might a bit longer to close the deal, the negotiations will be a whole lot more fun!

Brain Cell Production

Although most of your brain grows and is wired during the first four years of your life, the pre-frontal cortex – the part which organises thoughts, plans and controls impulse - doesn't finish connecting until around the age of 25. Which explains that questionable Daffy Duck tattoo you got on a night out with the lads. Once you hit your thirties your brain is fully formed - so any dodgy body art from that point on is on your own head.

Bone Building

Need an excuse to order the overpriced smoked salmon? Up until your twenties, calcium is absorbed in to your body from the food you eat and transported to your bones, building strength and structure. When you hit 30, calcium absorption slows down and your body draws on the stores it already has to maintain bone mass and make sure your cardiovascular and nervous systems work properly. Eating foods such as egg yolks, salmon, green leafy veg and dairy products , and doing regular strength-training, will help you maintain your current bone density. Eggs benedict for brekkie it is then.

Make Collagen

The plump skin on your face in your twenties starts to change after you hit 30 as collagen production in your body slows down. This can also mean wounds take more time to heal. But there's good news for your skin too. By the time you get to 30, the hormones that cause 45 per cent of adults between 21 and 26 to get adult acne are gone, and your skin is clear. Another plus point for your skin once you turn 30? By this age you're sensible enough to wear sunscreen every day. Right!!?

Peak Lung Function

Ever wondered why most boy band members over the age of 25 face a rapid decline? It might not just be because they've run out of harem pants to wear and songs to cover. Our lungs reach their peak capacity by our early twenties, slightly after we finish puberty. From then on, lung function starts to slowly decline, meaning as well as starting to feel more out of breath when we're exercising, our singing voices get worse as we get older. Stopping smoking and doing regular exercise will keep your lungs functioning well. The same can't be said for wearing harem pants.

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