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Aussies Rip Off Blind Guy In Video Money Experiment

We've heard of robbing someone blind, but some Aussies seem pretty willing to take it to the extreme.

Australian actor Adrian Gee tested out whether everyday people would take advantage of a blind man, or do the right thing when an opportunity arose.

Gee posed as a blind person, complete with sunglasses and cane, on the streets asking people for change for a $5 note -- but actually offered a $50 note instead, to test people's honesty.

"There are two possible outcomes from this situation: They could do the right thing and let the blind man know he is handing them the wrong note OR they could take advantage of the blind man by not saying anything basically stealing money from a blind person," Gee wrote on Youtube.

Gee approached nine people, with five pointing out his mistake but four taking advantage of a blind man. The majority do try to help and then quietly warn him that he is brandishing a $50 note rather than a $5.

However, in the most blatantly shameful example, one man takes the $50 note, looks up and down the street to check if anyone else was watching, then silently walks away with the money. Another man takes the $50, pretends to fumble around in his wallet, then quickly nabs the $50 and instead returns a $10 note -- apologising for "not having change".

"I was quite surprised as to the amount of people who basically stole off a blind man, absolutely ridiculous," Gee wrote.

On Facebook, he added: "All the money used as a prop in this video was in fact returned to me after explaining the video."

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