26/11/2015 9:49 AM AEDT | Updated 15/07/2016 12:51 PM AEST

Proof That Going To University Is Good For Your Health

Paul Bradbury via Getty Images
Graduates tossing caps into the air

While some benefits of being a student are obvious - stalling full time employment, cheap beer on campus etc - research proves that going to university can actually have some significant health benefits that will impact your life long after you've thrown (and dodged) your mortar board in the air. Read on - it'll make all those student loans totally worth it.

You'll Live Longer

Studies have found that people with a higher education have a longer life expectancy. Indeed, a 2013 American study found that by the age of 25 those with a university degree can expect to live about a decade longer than those with only a high school diploma. This link has become even more pronounced in recent years, with researchers suggesting that while life expectancy is increasing overall, “lacking education may be as deadly as being a current rather than former smoker.”

You'll Be Healthier

Those with a university degree will take less sickies, with research finding they are less likely to be affected by diseases such as hypertension, cholesterol and diabetes. It’s also not so much about #cleanliving, but a willingness to invest in your health. Studies show that those with higher education are more likely to be non-smokers, make healthy food choices and will see their doctor for regular check-ups.

You'll Have A Happier Relationship

Studies find that relationships where both parties are university graduates are deemed to be more satisfying. Research suggests that university educated women are more likely to be hitched by 40, less likely to get divorced and tend to describe their relationship as “happy”. The perks of a happy relationship - including a slight feeling of smugness - include improved health, positive body image and always having a plus one at parties. Bonus.

You'll Be Happier

Wonder why students always look so happy? It's not just the lack of responsibility and cheap loans. Another benefit of university education is that it can make you happier with your lot. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) in the UK found that the more education you had, the more optimistic you felt about your life. “[This] suggests that adults aged 16 and over with higher levels of qualifications are more likely to report having medium or high satisfaction with their lives overall and also to report finding the things they do in their lives to be more worthwhile,” the ONS said.

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