16/11/2015 9:10 AM AEDT | Updated 15/07/2016 12:51 PM AEST

Coles, Woolworths And Big W Retail Airtasker Gift Cards This Christmas

UpperCut Images via Getty Images
Frustrated woman looking at clutter in garage

A new handbag, golf clubs or a weekend away might be on some people's wish list this Christmas, but we're willing to bet that many people would ask Santa to finish renovating the kitchen, or to clean out the garage if they could.

Turns out Santa might be able to help with those pesky chores.

Airtasker, Australia’s largest online marketplace for tasks, has released a line of gift cards that will be retailed at Coles, Woolworths and BIG W.

Airtasker works very simply -- you post whatever task you need done on the site (takeaway picked up, pants hemmed, furniture assembled) and someone willing to do that task agrees for a nominated fee.

“We’ve made significant headway in the past year, with Australian consumers realising they can get more done by working with people in their local neighbourhood. We believe that Airtasker Cards will push this sharing economy trend to the next level," Airtasker co-founder and CEO Tim Fung said.

Previously the platform was only used by individuals seeking to have their own tasks done, however the introduction of gift cards through major retailers opens up the option of giving loved ones the ability to outsource assignments.

A study conducted by Airtasker in July revealed that the number of Australians using online platforms to earn extra money has doubled from 4 percent January 2015 to 8 percent in September 2015.

“We’ve also seen huge demand for a product that can allow people to give the gift of free time or an extra weekend to their friends and family - and Airtasker Cards is the answer," Fung said.

Airtasker Cards will retail for $50, offering an equivalent amount of credit for cleaning, installations, furniture assembly or any other task.

To help first-time users gain an understanding of what particular tasks typical cost, Airtasker has put together a rough guide of the average price of particular tasks and a graph indicating the most popular tasks performed on the platform.

Under $50

  • Mow a Lawn
  • Clean a one bedroom apartment
  • Hang paintings
  • Do the weekly ironing
  • Pick up a fridge and deliver

Under $100

  • Clean a two-bedroom apartment
  • Assemble a trampoline / furniture item
  • Mount a TV to the wall
  • Reorganise the garage
  • Do gardening and hedging

Under $150

  • Clean a three-bedroom house
  • Man and Van to help move
  • Assemble three large items of IKEA furniture