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Crossbreeding Foodstuff Craze Creates New Breed Of Multicultural Treats

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NEW YORK, NY - NOVEMBER 03: A Dunkin' Donuts employee displays a fresh tray of 'croissant doughnuts' on November 3, 2014 in New York City. The pastry, which began selling at Dunkin' Donuts two days ago, is based on baker Dominque Ansel's hybrid pastry, the 'cronut,' which came to popularity in the summer of 2013. (Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

Remember the good old days when a croissant was a croissant, a burger was a burger, and never the twain shall have met?

They were much simpler times. Now you just have to dream up any manner of food items crossbreeding and their offspring probably already exists.

Even mass retailer Donut King on Tuesday revealed that it is launching a 'Fruit Mince Donut' for the festive season.

Donut King’s Managing Director Nicholas Brill said the new creation is a first for the brand and is a delicious combination of a classic fruit mince pie mixed with a traditional donut.

“We tested different flavour combinations and wanted to bring together the best of both worlds, a festive mince pie and a traditional donut,” Brill said.

This mince fruit donut is the newest in a long line of food items-- mostly fast food or sweet confectionery, pastry or baked goods -- getting together and creating freaky food offspring.

Arguably the first was the 'cronut' -- the result of a croissant and a donut breeding. Many are plain (we speculate that is was a butter croissant and a cinnamon sugar donut that first got together), though some reports of popular hazelnut spread Nutella getting in on the action have been recorded.

Then came the 'cruffin', first cousin of the cronut and child to a muffin and a croissant. Judging by the use of the cruffin hashtag, this sibling seems to have been overshadowed by its older relative, though is an important member of the multicultural family in its own right. Again, you'll often find naughty Nutella making a cameo.

Next we saw the humble milkshake involve itself in a menage of naughtiness with ice cream, chocolate bars, fairy floss, sugary sauces and pretty much any sickly sweet substance that wanted in on the action.

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The croissant, not satisfied with its current relationship status, decided to swing both ways and started experimenting with the savory end of the scale. The result? A cheesy, beefy croissant burger. Let's call it a Burant? or Croisser?

While we're talking savoury, it's worth noting the an unlikely pairing of a meat pie and a pizza was trialled by Pizza Hut, presumably through artificial insemination as an Aussie pie and a pizza are implausible bedfellows.

Four & twenty pie pizza!!! Yummy !!!! #meatpiepizza #pizzahut #hangoverfood

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You think they'd have learned from the hot dog and pizza breeding experiment, but hey, some people are into some freaky things. Who are we to judge?

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Lastly, certainly not the newest but possibly the most outrageous is the 'Turducken' -- a turkey, duck and chicken orgy of epic proportions that culminates in the most outrageous roast going around.

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When will the madness end? With HashNCheese (the baby of hash browns and Mac N Cheese)? Vegcheeini? (cheesy Vegemite arancini offspring)? Wedesso Martinis? (when an espresso martini makes love to a Wendy's Flake Shake)?

Wait. Maybe we're onto something?