21/11/2015 11:21 AM AEDT | Updated 15/07/2016 12:51 PM AEST

Alison Wonderland On Justin Bieber, Touring And Making Time To Read The Comments


She’s the classically trained artist that honed her craft of electronic music back when Sydney’s Kings Cross had a thriving nightlife -- and males dominated the DJ scene.

Alison Wonderland -- real name Alex Scholler -- has been carving out a loyal following for years playing at her secret warehouse parties and nightclubs across Australia as well as packed out sets at Stereosonic and Splendour in the Grass.

In March, she released her debut album Run which is climbing the charts and she’s since completed a North American tour which cemented her international status.

Now, about to embark on a European tour where she will base herself in London -- sans her usual touring posse -- Wonderland is looking forward to a change of pace after coming off the back of a busy festival circuit of Coachella, Lollapalooza and Electric Daisy Carnival.

"Hotels and having a big crew around you is nice but I'm looking forward to a month where I can explore and have 'me' time -- I plan on visiting galleries during the day and playing gigs at night -- I miss touring like that," Wonderland told The Huffington Post Australia.

Further proof she is well on her way to claiming Australia’s electro throne is her recent ARIA nominations for Best Dance Release and Best Video (a publicly voted category).

Speaking with HuffPost Australia via phone from her Los Angeles apartment, Wonderland is as raw as the sweaty, heavy bass sets she’s become known for.

On her ARIA nominations

It’s surreal. I’ve had my head down in the sand working for so long -- to have such positive feedback from the people around me is amazing.

Any type of recognition is always going to be a surprise to me. I don’t expect anyone to kiss my arse, I always feel grateful that anyone recognises me for what I’m doing and I’ll continue to feel that way whether I’m overseas or in Australia.

On including music her fans made on the Deluxe edition of Run

Everyone can make music in their bedroom now, and that’s amazing. There’s going to be music out there made my kids’ that will blow your mind -- but they just haven’t had the opportunity to share that with the world.

If I can do one more thing to help people gain confidence to make more music, then I’ll do it because when I was starting out it would’ve been really great if someone gave me the time of day.

On the recently enforced lockout laws in Australia

Unfortunately the club scene isn’t what it used to be -- it’s a big shame. When I’ve come back to Sydney it’s my home, I know it so well and I’ve spent so much time playing there. Now, streets that were once crowded with people are empty. It trips me out and it’s really sad, like everyone’s dead. It’s awful.

On Justin Bieber

I love the new Bieber album. His music has really matured and he’s doing some great stuff -- one of my new tracks is a Justin Bieber remix which I premiered at Electric Daisy Carnival in Orlando. It was the craziest moment. It was something I made in my bedroom and to see the crowd’s reaction was just insane.

Alison Wonderland at Electric Daisy Carnival, Orlando.

On the book she’s currently reading

I’m not a Buddhist or anything but a friend gave me a book called The Buddha In Your Mirror. Herbie Hancock, an amazing jazz musician wrote the foreword about his experiences as a musician on tour and it really spoke to me.

You can get really down from touring and travelling and constantly leaving your loved ones, losing touch with friends and not seeing your family.

It’s a sad reality when you’re an artist, you’re never really in one place for a long time and feeling like you have a home isn’t always possible. It’s nice to see people talk about their experience so I’m reading that to make sure I stay sane on the road.

On reading comments on social media

It always interests me to read the comments.

I’m definitely not oblivious. I think you should make time for that side of what you are doing because it is important, those people give you the time of day so you should give them the time of day.

In general, most of them are positive but not everyone’s going to love what you do and if you think everyone’s going to praise the pavement you walk on and throw glitter at you, you’re delusional.