24/11/2015 5:27 PM AEDT | Updated 15/07/2016 12:51 PM AEST

Schoolies 2015 Documented Through Social Media


The nearing end of the year is exciting to different people for different reasons -- the impending summer, Christmas, New Year's, time off work, family holidays, cricket season and more.

But for a large slice of the 17 and 18-year-old population, it's all about Schoolies.

After their final high school exams are done and dusted, the Year 12 cohorts from around the nation converge on the usual hotspots -- Byron Bay, Surfer's Paradise, Airlie Beach, Noosa -- for a few days of excess, hangovers, headaches and fun before they head off into the real world.

In years gone by, Schoolies trips would be secret rites of passage, with debauched tales held steadfastly in secret by those who had been part of them -- but, as with almost every facet of our modern lives, it pretty much didn't happen unless it went on social media.

So with Schoolies week in full swing, let's take a dive into the recesses of the internet to see how the leaders of tomorrow are faring on their big post-school trips.

The "definitely won't regret this decision":

The "definitely won't regret this decision" (part two):

The "rebel without a cause":

BINge drinking 🍻 #safetyfirst #schoolies

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The "when you gotta go...":

Trying to keep up with @snowyy3 #schoolies #2015 #chunda

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The "desperate times call for desperate measures":

The "I got so drunk I (allegedly) tortured an animal":

The Mexican:

TUESSSSSSDAYYY!! 🌮🌮🍻🍸🍸 #tequila #corona #tacos #mexico #schoolies

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The "doing a beer bong on TV":

#Toolie at #Schoolies on #RottnestIsland @9newsperth #9News #tryingtokeepastraightface 😜

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The dance floor filler:

The good night:

day 2 schoolies ✌ #schoolies

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