26/11/2015 4:12 PM AEDT | Updated 15/07/2016 12:51 PM AEST

Auspol Karaoke Is The New Twitter Account You Need In Your Life


Our politicians present a 24/7 preened, professional and clean-cut look to the world -- but do you ever wonder what happens when they let their hair down and get on the beers? We know how Tony Abbott and his mates partied down after he was rolled from the post of Prime Minister, but what about on a more week-to-week basis -- what about if they got onto the karaoke stage at the local pub?

One brave Twitter account is working to bring this to you.

Auspol Karaoke launched a few days ago and is already kicking some major goals in the market of niche parody political social media accounts. Its premise -- based on the very excellent ISIS Karaoke account -- is simple, just pairing classic karaoke lyrics with particularly animated pictures of our nation's politicians (Auspol, for those not 24/7 entwined with Twitter like news journalists are, is an abbreviation of Australian politics).

Imagine Peter Dutton at his local after a few Friday frothies with the lads, singing Gloria Gaynor; picture Warren Truss at his niece's birthday party and commandeering the karaoke machine to belt out Pharrell Williams.

The possibilities are endless.

If the notion of Malcolm Turnbull jumping on stage, microphone in hand, and leading the crowd in an impassioned chorus of Khe Sanh doesn't get your motor running, consider yourself officially on an ASIO watchlist for unAustralian-ism.

We'll leave you with Bill Shorten belting out The Beach Boys.

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