04/12/2015 9:03 AM AEDT | Updated 15/07/2016 12:51 PM AEST

Macca's New 'Loaded Fries' Means You Can Have Toppings On Your Chips


Macca's fans. Put down the tomato sauce sachet and get a load of this.

McDonald's Australia is revamping what is arguably the salty backbone of their food menu -- the french fry.

As of Friday, December 4th, fry-lovers will be able to purchase "Loaded Fries" -- basically, your normal delicious golden chip, but featuring one of two new toppings. That's right, toppings. Like pizza or nachos. BUT ON YOUR FRIES.

Those who like a little spice in their life can opt for a guacamole and salsa combo (chip nachos! chip nachos!) or, if that doesn't tickle your cheeseburger pickle, there's also a bacon and cheese sauce.


“By adding guac and salsa, as well as bacon and cheese sauce to our fries, we’re following a trend our customers started. While our fries are delicious by themselves, for a long time now Aussies have been experimenting with them, dunking and dipping them in everything from ketchup to our Soft Serve," said Mark Lollback, Chief Marketing Officer of McDonald’s Australia.

“Now we’re helping our customers with their fry flavour experiments by giving them world first toppings to bring their fries to life with. I’m sure Loaded Fries are going to be a hit this Summer, and can’t wait to see how Aussies embrace them."

McDonald’s 'Loaded Fries' are available in single and share packs at all restaurants nationwide.

Bring it on.