03/12/2015 3:07 PM AEDT | Updated 15/07/2016 12:51 PM AEST

Mass Shooting: This Front Page Sums Up The Weak Response


Yep. Yep. This. Yep. This sums it up. Look at this, this here:

Some people are angry about it and say its unfair to bring up God, others say it presents in stark relief the clearly bat-shit response of the US political class to what is the country's most devastating, unnecessary and unrelenting public health problem of its time.

The New York Daily News on Wednesday carried tweeted the front page, which presented tweets from Republican presidential candidates including Rand Paul Jnr and Ted Cruz alongside the the headline "God Isn't Fixing This".

Each of the candidates, which included Paul Ryan and Lindsay Graham, had tweeted that their prayers were with the victims.

"As the latest batch of innocent Americans are left lying in pools of blood, cowards who could truly end gun scourge continue to hide behind meaningless platitudes," the front page reads.

Responses have been varied across the spectrum in the US since the latest shooting, with the white house calling for more action from congress.

Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton responded on Thursday with this:

Prominent presidential candidate and sometimes Republican frontrunner Donald Trump also responded to the shooting on twitter: