03/12/2015 5:52 PM AEDT | Updated 15/07/2016 12:51 PM AEST

New Dawn Of Justice Trailer Shows Off Doomsday

Wonder Woman! And Doomsday!

The new trailer for Zack Snyder's upcoming 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' has just dropped and it contains a few pretty damn satisfying surprises.

Besides some new footage of Wonder Woman out Captaining Captain America with her amazonian shield, the trailer also appears to give away some significant plot-points.

That's right. Besides revealing that two men who dress in tights all night can deliver some pretty sophisticated snark on the fly, the trailer also includes the appearance of what appears to be Doomsday -- the DC Comics monster that once killed Superman by beating him to death.

'Hi, I'm mild-mannered reporter Clark Kent. Do you like tight tights Mr Wayne?'

'You're a dick, mate.'

But in seriousness it appears to give away some tidbits:

  • Robin might be already dead and it looks like the Joker is what done it.

This looks like a Robin costume -- more specifically the costume of the second Robin, Jason Todd, who was beaten to death by the Joker in the comics before he came back to life as a hero/psycho killer/hero again The Red Hood.

  • Doomsday! Doomsday has heat vision. And hot-breath!
  • Doomsday -- with heat vision! And hot breath! Scientifically, hot breath makes him seven times scarier than the Doomsday that beat Superman to death and ruined childhoods in 1992.

  • Jesse Eisenberg's pain-in-the-ass rendition of Lex Luthor appears to use General Zod's body for something -- we think cloning Doomsday.
  • The body of evil Kryptonian General Zod appears in the film, moments before we see ol' hot breath. Supes killed Zod in Man of Steel but for some reason did not kill Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luthor.

    Superman has some pretty human emotions, it turns out.

    TFW you realise that despite your God-like power, Jesse Eisenberg is your mortal enemy.

    Squad goals mean squat when your team is absent a Wonder Woman

    Look, if Ben Affleck pulls off playing Batman he can probably run for president one day.

    If he doesn't, this film has just became crowded enough that people mightn't notice.