04/12/2015 11:22 AM AEDT | Updated 02/08/2016 4:06 PM AEST

Pizza Eating Isn't Just A Hobby, It's An Artform

Everybody loves pizza. Pizza is the best. And anyone who says otherwise probably doesn't have a soul.

OK so this reporter might be a little biased, but if you can sit through the above video and honestly say you don't crave a slice you deserve an award. The 'I-Don't-Crave-Delicious-Treats' award, to be precise.

The perfect pizza should make you feel things. And the guys over at Dimitri's Pizzeria in Surry Hills have been making people feel things since 1975. It's what they do for a crust.

Dimitri's current owner Ken Williams has been kneading the perfect dough and toying with toppings for the past six years and admits that no matter how much he changes the menu, there will always be some loyal capricciosa fans in the house.

"There's still some of the original pizzas on the menu and they're very popular with the old-school regulars," Williams told The Huffington Post Australia.

"They really enjoy the Dimitri's special (double smoked ham, cabanossi, pepperoni, mushroom, onion, capsicum), capricciosa and napolitana."

"My personal favourite is our chorizo pizza," Williams said.

The combination of mushroom, olives, onion, grape tomatoes, basil, bocconcini not only tastes the goods, but makes for a pretty delicious video, too (this is us daring you to watch it again. Go on, it's almost lunch time).

When it comes to special orders, the Surry Hills clientele requests "no anchovies" the most, followed closely by a half-and-half order -- for all those times committing to one flavour is all a bit much.

As for eating, Williams thinks "straight out of the oven is always best" but admits there's a place for next-day reheating. You know, like all those times drunk you leaves hungover you the gift of leftovers in the fridge.

"Everyone appreciates a slice of pizza when they're hungover."

Especially when it's covered in cheese! But this begs the question, can you ever have too many different types of cheese on the one pizza?

"Yeah, I think you can," Williams said. "I wouldn't put more than three different types of cheeses on one pizza, but I guess it's a personal preference."

For those playing at home, Williams suggests using online chef's like Chef Steps for tips.

"I would encourage anyone interested in food, including professional chefs, to check it out. There's a massive amount of relevant information regardless of your skill level."

You should also find a finely ground flour for the best base.

"It's not as fine ground as the triple zero flour we use in our pastas but it's a lot finer than the stuff you find at a supermarket."

It's also important to let the dough sit, so if you're looking for a quick hit, it might be best to call delivery.

"We've got a few different techniques but we prude our dough for around 10 hours. Sometimes we let it sit for around 48 hours before we roll it out."

Williams also says you shouldn't be afraid to experiment with new toppings.

"You need to find the balance. I've experimented and pear and anchovies on pizza is really good."

"It's had a pretty good response so far but it's not on the menu just yet."

There are worse ways to spend your dough.

*This reporter consulted at least three original sauces for this story.