05/12/2015 2:41 PM AEDT | Updated 15/07/2016 12:51 PM AEST

Matt Moran Roasts Lamb In A Car To Prove You Shouldn't Leave Your Kids In One

Kidsafe Australia

You'll think twice about ever leaving your kids in a car after celebrity chef Matt Moran roasted a lamb in a vehicle with its windows up.

Child accident prevention organisation Kidsafe Australia has produced a video called The Unconventional Oven, in which Moran stages a cooking demonstration on Bondi beach. Onlookers, however, aren't aware the piece of lamb loin being used in the demonstration is actually cooking on a tray inside a nearby car.

The temperature in the car starts at 27.1 degrees, but as the car heats up the lamb starts browning and oozing fat.

After 90 minutes in the car, the temperature soars to 72.5 degrees and the meat cooked throughs.

Moran prepares a plate with harissa and a pine-nut dressing, then surprises onlookers when he walks to the car.

He removes the tray and says:

"To me, that is overcooked," Moran says in the video.

"The real reason I've got you here today has got nothing to do with me launching my oven.

"It's all to do with over 5000 kids being left in cars every year."

Ambulance Victoria responded to more than 200 calls related to the issue in February this year. In 2014, paramedics were called to 1165 cases of children left unattended.

Kidsafe spokeswoman Kellie Wilson said the temperature inside a car was likely to reach 30 degrees hotter than outside.

Most of the children rescued were under the age 4.