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What Micellar Water Is, And Why You Need It In Your Beauty Routine

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A few years back the beauty industry was fairly straightforward, then came along mineral makeup, BB creams and strobing and threw everyone into a spin. Making sense of these new fandangled products and trends can be tricky -- and micellar water is no exception.

"I've been using micellar water on all of my clients for many years," celebrity makeup artist Tobi Henney told The Huffington Post Australia, who this week did the makeup for Megan Gale for the AACTAs in Sydney.

"Personally I use the cult French pharmacy brand, Bioderma. It's fantastic for removing any makeup or skincare that clients are wearing when they arrive on set, so I can start with a completely fresh canvas. It doesn't leave any residue at all which is very important for a flawless base."

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Sounds good, but what exactly is it?

It's the use of micelles (previously only used in biology) in dermo-cosmetic products, suspended in water. The micelles have an affinity to both water and fat, meaning they are attracted to excess oil (and makeup), removing it like a magnet. Because of the way that micelles communicate with water, the solution must be used on a cotton pad -- it can't be splashed on the complexion alone.

Facialist Jocelyn Petroni, who coincidentally prepped Gales's skin this week, is also a fan. "The unique oil and water fusion within micellar water means makeup is completely dissolved and skin is left soothed and hydrated."

"Suitable for oily, dry and sensitive skins, swiping over the face with a damp cotton pad of micellar water is the most efficient method for removing eye make up and makes a great cleanse for night make up removal and skin cleansing in one easy swipe," Petroni said.

Not to be grouped with face wipes -- which are often laden with fragrance and leave a slimy residue, causing breakouts -- micellar water can be used in place of foaming or milk cleansers, or as a first step in the two cleanse process.

"Micellar waters make a great first cleanse, to follow with your regular face cleanser -- however suffice on their own when time is restricted," Petroni said.

Henney has other uses it for it besides just cleansing.

"Its great for 'cleaning up' a makeup look for really crisp lines. A pointed cotton tip dipped into micellar water is excellent for running along the edge of your squiggly liquid liner to straighten it out. It's also good for removing shadow fall out under the eye before concealing."

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