12/12/2015 9:56 AM AEDT | Updated 15/07/2016 12:51 PM AEST

How To Practice Mindfulness In 5 Minutes

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Young woman enjoying water

Dealing with stress is far more attractive when a glass bottle of Pinot Gris is involved however, unfortunately as we know, alcohol and other destructive behaviours are far from productive.

Mindfulness on the other hand is scientifically proven to do things to our brain some researchers would have never thought possible and in turn, allows us to keep cool, calm and collected at times of stress.

You’ve heard its praises -- we’re talking about meditation. But before you switch back to The Iconic tab, know that these simple tips are crystal healing and preach free.

Creator of Barre Body and holistic and wellness coach, Emma Seibold explains sometimes the thing that jeopardises meditation practice most is the very act of trying so hard to meditate.

She recommends instead of attempting a full 30 minute or hour-long meditation session, try for just five minutes.

“Simply sit and allow thoughts to come and go as they please. This is an exercise of just being in the moment,” Seibold told The Huffington Post Australia.

If your to-do list tries crashing your Zen sesh, Seibold advises counting your breath.

“Much like counting sheep, counting the breath gives the meditator something to focus on. Count on each exhale and any time you find yourself drifting off into thought to the point where you lose your count, return to one,” Seibold said.

The important thing is not to judge yourself during the mediation. Even the most practiced meditators get distracted during meditation at times.

Here, Seibold shares three ways to get mindful in five minutes.

Mindfulness walking meditation

“Take a walk in the garden or park and notice with great detail what you see around you. This can be a lovely way of being more present and mindful of life around you, bringing you more into a ‘being’ state rather than a ‘doing’ or ‘thinking’ state.”

Take a yoga posture and relax into it

“My favourite for this is butterfly pose -- lie on your back with your feet together and knees wide. Breathe, relax, repeat. You can focus on the breath by bringing one hand to the belly and one hand to the heart and feeling the rise and fall of the belly as you breathe."

Lie on your back with palms upwards

"Your legs are slightly wider than hip distance apart and close your eyes (perfect savasana position). Work your way up your body, starting with your feet and moving all the way up to the top of your head, relaxing your body parts in turn."