15/12/2015 7:04 PM AEDT | Updated 15/07/2016 12:51 PM AEST

Kevin Pietersen Kicked Out Of Qantas Club For Wearing Thongs


Unwanted former England Test batsman Kevin Pietersen got into trouble overnight for a social media outburst, which is not really news because he does that most days before breakfast.

But this outburst was feisty even by KP standards. Pietersen was furious at not being able to wear thongs in the Qantas lounge while in transit from South Africa to Melbourne.

Now, most civilised people wouldn't dream of wearing thongs on a plane, let alone in an airline lounge, because they have the class and common decency to conceal their hairy toes from the world. But not KP, who continued to apply the blowtorch of blame on Qantas. His next trick was to question the true Aussie spirit of the airline with the official motto of "Spirit of Australia".

That argument didn't wash so well on Twitter either because people generally like a little decorum on planes. So KP retaliated by insulting random people on social media based on their appearance, which is probably not the sort of thing a man who once played cricket with blue hair should do.

Fortunately for Pietersen, there is another airline out there which will allow him to display all the carbuncles and warts he desires! Gee, he really likes Emirates, doesn't he.

Meanwhile, KP's latest tweet was this, in which he has a good go at those caught match fixing in cricket.

Most fair-minded people would agree with him on this issue. They would also believe the same penalty should apply to those who wear thongs in a business lounge.