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Google's 2015 Searches Reveal We All Want To Know What Is... Netflix, Love And Gluten

The most-Googled search terms of 2015 are out, revealing Australians want to know who their Prime Minister is, but also, what is gluten? And where is Home & Away filmed?

Yep, we're a quirky bunch.

With the nation's secret search terms laid bare for all to see, it seems only fair we answer a few of the doozies.

THE TOP 10 'WHAT IS...?'

1. What is Netflix? It's is an on-demand TV and video service that launched in Australia this year. It's also an integral part of the joke flirt line 'Netflix and chill?' meaning -- come over to my house.

2. What is love? If you have to Google it, you're probably not in love. Take a deep breath and relax with this GIF.

Now, Netflix and chill?

3. What is the meaning of life? I'm so glad you asked. The meaning of life is probably not to sit around Googling 'meaning of life'. Go outside. Do something. It'll be fun, I promise.

4. What is the time? To quote your grandpa, it's time to get a watch.

5. What is the weather today? The answer to your question can be found here.

6. What is a noun? It's a naming word, to name a person, a place, a thing, an idea, an action or a quality. For example: pride, jellyfish, house -- use these words in a sentence today.

7. What is a Prime Number? What is it? It's really, bloody confusing if you haven't looked at a maths textbook since 2002.

8. What is gluten? Look, you're probably not allergic to it, and its probably not going to be the make-or-break to your diet. So does it really matter?

If you must know, it's proteins in wheat, rye, barley and oats, and you should avoid them if you're a Coeliac, have high blood cholesterol or irritable bowels.

For the rest of us, dig in!

9. What is a verb? That's the second grammar question in the top 10. Would we Aussies have benefited from a few extra English lessons? I'm thinking so. Thinking, by the way, is a verb.

10. What is All Purpose Flour? It's plain flour. No baking powder. Was it worth smearing pancake batter all over your phone to check?

THE TOP 10 'HOW TO...'

1. Tie A Tie

2. Make Pancakes

3. Screenshot On Mac

4. Make A Paper Plane

5. Write A Cover Letter

6. Draw

This guy can help you:

7. Get Rid Of Pimples

8. Poach An Egg

9. Lose Weight Fast

This isn't exactly doctor-recommended advice, but hey, it sounds coco enough to work.

10. Make Money

This guy's got the answer.

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