23/12/2015 4:14 PM AEDT | Updated 15/07/2016 12:51 PM AEST

Keep Australia Beautiful During The Festive Season


While most of us will be indulging in Christmas delights, amounting to a $46.7 billion splurge, spare a thought for our environment and do your best to Keep Australia Beautiful.

Usually our celebrations, involving food, drink, gifts and partying, see household waste increase by up to 30 percent over the silly season. It's expected that thousands of tonnes of wrapping paper, unwanted decorations, left over food, empty bottles and even unloved gifts will be thrown away.

Keep Australia Beautiful Chief Executive Officer Philip Robinson told the Huffington Post Australia street litter also rises as more of us attend outdoor events at parks and the beach. He's urging Australians to follow some simple steps to make sure we all have a clean, green Christmas.

"On the whole, most Australians do the right thing. But, unfortunately, we continue to see an increase of litter left behind during the festive season. Sometimes this can be because people don’t have access to a bin -- but in these instances people should just pack up their rubbish and dispose of it when they get home," Robinson said.

"If everyone followed these simple steps we would see a significant reduction in the rubbish that accumulates at this time of the year. All it takes is a few small changes from everyone to see a significant difference."

1. Dispose of cans, bottles, Christmas cards and wrapping paper in recycling bins.

2.If you’re enjoying carols in the park, opt for a picnic set over paper or plastic plates.

3. If you have leftovers from Christmas dinner, compost them or (if your council allows it) put them in a green waste bin.

4. Consider buying low-waste presents such as concert tickets and gift cards.

5. If you need to wrap gifts, consider using a tea towel, scarf or cloth shopping bag that can be enjoyed long after Christmas.

6. If you are giving a gift that needs batteries, include rechargeable ones with it.

7. If you get a new TV, printer, computer or mobile, most council waste centres will recycle your old electronic goods.