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Sarah Palin Stars In Seriously Unfunny Parody of Tina Fey's 30 Rock

Tina Fey's impressions of Sarah Palin are some of our strongest, funniest memories from the 2008 U.S. presidential campaign, as the 30 Rock and Saturday Night Live star snowballed her vague resemblance to the one-time Republican vice presidential nominee into a long-running series skewering Palin's politics.

Now, a mere seven -- SEVEN -- years after Fey's impression first hit our airwaves, Palin has responded in timely fashion to turn the tables... but sadly it's not very funny.

For some reason, in this year 2015, Palin has starred in a parody -- we use that term loosely -- of Fey's hit show '30 Rock,' imaginatively titled '31 Rock'. The video was produced by conservative website Independent Journal Review, and comes just a day after Fey revived her famous Palin impression on Saturday Night Live.

So you don't have to subject yourself to this affront to comedy, we'll just round up some of the 'jokes' below:

  • Palin stars as Lynn Melon, a hilarious take on Fey's character Liz Lemon;
  • She seems very mad about 'PC culture,' including complaining that a staff member -- actually the character Dot Com from the original 30 Rock -- is sitting in her "safe space" and that her Starbucks cup doesn't have snowflakes on it;
  • In fact she is "putting the smackdown on political correctness," while also shamelessly spruiking Palin's new real-life book;
  • Complains about "nerds!" and makes cracks about Star Wars;
  • Brings her 2012 running mate John McCain into the picture for some reason

It is years late. It seems Palin is still mad at Fey. It seems to be some sort of odd advertisement for Palin's new book. It is very bad.

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