24/12/2015 2:53 PM AEDT | Updated 15/07/2016 12:51 PM AEST

Muslims For Peace: Ahmadiyya Muslim Community's Annual Convention Starts On Christmas Day

Claudio Arnese via Getty Images

On Christmas Day, 3000 people are expected at a mosque in Marsden Park, Sydney, for an annual conference run by the people behind the hashtag #MuslimsForPeace, and no doubt, attendees will be Tweeting.

The three-day event is run by a branch of Islam, the Ahmadiyya Muslims, and attendee Aqeel Choudhry told The Huffington Post Australia their motto was simple.

"We were bestowed a motto: 'Love for all, hatred for none'," Choudhry told HuffPost Australia.

"Our jihad is purely by the pen. We completely reject any sort of physical harm or even words that may hurt others."

He said that even though Twitter had a short character limit, it was was increasingly becoming the place where Muslims could further explain aspects of their religion and culture.

"In the Koran, at the moment there's a heated discussion with some saying there are verses which convince Muslims to kill the non-believers and that stuff, but if you read the verses before and after, you see it's only related to one situation to do with persecution and self defense," Choudry said.

"The next verse, it says that if the other party accepts treaty or an agreement to hold peace, there is nothing better than peace.

"These messages on Twitter, you'd be surprised how many there are. There are Tweets every day, every second and there are so many hashtags like #MuslimsForPeace, #muslimsforgoodofmankind, #StopTheCrISIS."

Anyone is welcome at the event, from December 25-27 at Masjid Baitul Huda, 45 Hollinsworth Road, Marsden Park.