24/12/2015 1:28 PM AEDT | Updated 15/07/2016 12:51 PM AEST

The Best Netflix Series To Catch Up On This Holiday Season


You know how it goes. You’ve heard of some incredible Netflix series (“that you just HAVE to see”) but you’re busy. Much too busy to make a commitment to an entirely new narrative and string of characters. So you’ve lumped it into your “I don’t have time for ANOTHER series” pile.

Until the summer holidays roll around which, conveniently happen to be now -- meaning an air conditioned lounge with rolling episodes (and regular ham sandwich intermissions) is basically begging your name.

While there is nothing planned to leave the Netflix service next year, here are the shows worth catching up on.


The story of Barry Al-Fayeed who after escaping his family life in the middle eastern country of Abuddin when he was 16, began a new life in the United States where he's been living for the past 20 years with a wife and two kids. But at the request of his mother, Barry returns only to learn that leaving for the second time around will be far more difficult, as he gets ensconced in the troubles the Al-Fayeeds.

The Blacklist

With two seasons complete, catch up now before season three airs. The action packed drama tells the story of Red (James Spader), a former United States Navy officer turned criminal-at-large who gives himself up to the FBI after being on the run for decades. In exchange for immunity from prosecution he offers to guide their operations towards some of the world’s dangerous criminals.


This crime drama delves into the murder of a young boy in the small English coastal town, Dorset which attracts a media frenzy threatening to tear the community apart. Expect cliff hangers, suspense and a whole lot of mystery.


After six seasons, the American animated series has been confirmed for a seventh proving adult cartoons really do hit the mark. The series is based around main character Archer, a spy reminiscent of James Bond who, while highly regarded in his field has a penchant for prostitutes and suffers from some major mummy issues.

Scrotal Recall

Sounds naughty -- but really isn’t (well, maybe just a little) this Netflix Original follows Dylan (Johnny Flynn) who is diagnosed with chlamydia and forced to contact all of his previous sexual partners to inform them that he has the disease. Expect british, angsty comedy at its best.


Also a Netflix Original, Bloodline is the kind of show you can watch with your partner, family or best friend and given the second season hasn’t even aired yet, you’re in good stead to get quickly in the know. From the creators of Damages, Bloodline centres around the Rayburn family who run a beachside hotel in Florida. However, when the eldest son, Danny, the black sheep of the family returns home the turmoil of past events begin to haunt them.


Now in its fifth season, the political crime drama will have you hooked by episode two. Claire Danes plays the lead role, Carrie Matheson -- a Central Intelligence Agency operations officer with bipolar disorder who, after conducting an unauthorised operation in Iraq, is put on probation and reassigned to the CIA's Counterterrorism Center in Langley, Virginia.

Friday Night Lights

Based on the 1990 non-fiction book and centred around a high school football team in rural Texas, the series addresses issues in contemporary America including racism, family values, abortion and drugs.

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