29/12/2015 6:19 PM AEDT | Updated 15/07/2016 12:51 PM AEST

Russell Crowe's Kids Couldn't Take Their Swagboards On Holiday And He's Pretty Bloody Filthy About It


Russell Crowe has made a career out of being a man you don't want to cross. Whether he's avenging the murder of his fictional wife and son, boxing to feed his family or building an arc, he knows how to stare down adversity.

And on Tuesday he made an enemy of Virgin Australia, who blocked the Hollywood star from checking in his children's 'hoverboards' as luggage on a flight to begin their family holiday.

The issue is this: 'hoverboards' contain lithium-ion batteries. This precludes them from being loaded as luggage on any Australian airline under safety regulations.

In this case, by 'hoverboard' we mean those new 'swagboards' that have become all the rage. The electronic skateboard/segway hybrid that all the celebrities have. And now many kids with parents willing to fork out hundreds of dollars at Christmas have. Anyway. Back to Rusty and the fury and such.

When Crowe became aware of this rule, he wasn't happy. No. Not at all. And as is his wont, he shared his frustrations on Twitter.

Fishing for a response, Crowe doubled down.

Virgin responded, making it clear that the issue was out of their hands.

A very cool three-part response indeed in the face of this:

The lesson in all this? Don't take your swagboards on holiday.