31/12/2015 11:01 AM AEDT | Updated 15/07/2016 12:51 PM AEST

Netflix NYE Countdowns Trick Kids Into Going To Bed Early

Move over Big Dog and Prime Possum -- Netflix has come up with a new way to get those littlies into bed early this New Year's Eve.

Yep, a whole set of NYE countdowns, featuring characters from popular kids shows, can be played at your leisure… which, for most Aussie parents, is going to be looooooong before midnight.

Remember this? Bedtime just got a whole lot more sparkly.

According to research conducted by Netflix, Aussie parents agree 9pm is the new midnight, with almost half saying they’ll be counting down those famous last 10 seconds before with their kids before the big, erm, 9 o’clock.

The research also found 34 percent of Aussie parents will be heading off to bed shortly after kissing the kids goodnight, according to a statement provided to The Huffington Post Australia.

Roy Morgan statistics released in June this year, found more than 1 million Australians across 400,000 households have signed up for Netflix, which is more than three times the numbers of users of Stan, Presto Quickflix & Foxtel Play combined.

Forget Prime Possum, Netflix is the new black.

To access the videos, simply search for "New Years Eve Countdown" in your Netflix search bar and let your kids decide which character they'd like to ring in the (almost) new year with.

Unfortunately for us Aussies, Netflix’s clever, “It’s midnight somewhere” tagline doesn’t quite work (geographical location and all that), but instead of feeling guilty about tricking your small children, think of it as giving them the opportunity to celebrate the New Year in the most exciting way! (Which, let’s face it, would not be happening at the actual midnight).

Just don’t let them watch the trailer or your “parents only party” might have a few pint-sized crashers!