01/01/2016 3:47 PM AEDT | Updated 15/07/2016 12:51 PM AEST

Surveyor's Aerial Photographs Of Western Australia Are So Beautiful, They're Being Bought As Art


Stunning colours, oddly-shaped terrain, strange blots that look like they’ve been made by a painters’ brush -- these are the incredible images of WA landscapes from the air, that people are purchasing as framed works of art.

WA land information and surveying agency Landgate has created its Earth is Art collection, including images from the north-west, inland areas, rivers and coastal plains of Western Australia.

Brunswick Bay Islands. Picture Landgate

Some of the WA locations captured include the Brunswick Bay Islands, Halls Creek, Shark Bay, Wyndham and Rottnest Island.

Dollarbirds Villaret. Picture Landgate

The Earth is Art project is the brainchild of a Landgate staff member who recognised the beauty of some of the images and the benefit of sharing them with a wider audience.

River Veins, Wyndham. Picture Landgate

The photos are taken from a high-quality camera mounted into the bottom of a private plane, while the aircraft is anywhere from 1500m to nearly 10,000m in the air.

North of Esperance.Picture Landgate

Each year, Landgate workers fly over about 10 per cent of WA in order to take the aerial snaps. The images were captured by cameras attached to aircraft.

Drifting Narembeen.Picture Landgate

The images have been ortho-rectified to remove distortions caused by the curvature of the earth’s surface. They’ve also been colour balanced to ensure uniformity of colour distribution. Most of the images have been produced from multiple aerial runs and the position of the sun during the runs can affect colour perception.

Mount Satirist, south of Port Hedland.Picture Landgate

Landgate has been capturing aerial images for mapping purposes since 1948, but now it’s offering the images for sale as art, as a way to perfectly showcase the beauty of WA.

A dancing witch? Halls Creek from the air.Picture Landgate