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The Laura Aboriginal Dance Festival Celebrating Indigenous Storytelling

Our Aboriginal culture is the oldest living culture in the world and storytelling is at their core.

Primarily told through dance and ceremony the movements are passed down through generations as an ode to ancestral heroes and a means of showing respect and love for their families.

In some communities, dance is performed at the end of every day.

To celebrate the integral role dance and storytelling plays in the Australian Indigenous culture the Laura Aboriginal Dance Festival is held biannually as a gathering in Cape York of many different tribes.

"Through dancing, we're telling our story, all the Aboriginal people around Australia have a story," as the elder in this video said.

"It's very important that we keep our culture alive and keep our language alive.

"If we stop I know our culture will end there."

This video gives an insight into this celebration, and as described by the festival, it is about "showcasing the strength, pride and uniqueness of Aboriginal people."

Created by Matt Raimondo you can see more from the film maker and photographer over here.

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