04/01/2016 11:39 AM AEDT | Updated 15/07/2016 12:51 PM AEST

Sydney Reddit User Is Giving Away A Diamond Engagement Ring To A Loving Couple

Reddit / Imgur / what_choice

A Sydney man is giving away a diamond engagement ring to someone he deems is part of "a deserving couple".

He is using social networking and news website Reddit find a new owner for the ring, prompting a thread of heartfelt stories about love, life and finding 'the one'.

Using the username What_Choice, the post reads:

"I have decided to give away my old engagement ring. I have only heard horror stories of people trying to sell their rings and being insulted with sub-par offers from pawn shops, jewellers etc. and thought I would attempt to pass it on to a deserving couple.

"I am serious! This is not a ploy or a fake. It's a nice ring and I wish for it to bring happiness and joy...

"I trust that those who will comment are truthful, and will not lie.

"I'd like to know why you would like the ring and to get married, and proof you are a couple. Something to convince myself and Reddit that you're legitimate. I'd also like to pass it on to you in person."

The heartwarming responses have started rolling in including this one from user kirsti27s:

"We have battled mental illness (my partner has bipolar), deaths, travel, trips to IKEA, fur babies, university degrees etc and he is still the person I want to see every day and someone I can't help stare at and squeeze the shit out of.

This year is the year for us! My partner has just finished his university degree for nursing and I have just finished my training for veterinary nursing."

Another user NSFWar said he'd use the ring to give his partner the proposal she deserved:

"So my partner and I were fighting immigration to get my visa for the three long years while everyone on the same boat seemed to get it & on a day before Christmas eve we finally got it after multiple rejections , we've been together for 5 years .

"In July 2015,we got married, actually eloped and got married just with six of our closest friends and no one else as we didn't know if I'll have to leave the country abruptly, cause we had spent every bit of our money on migration lawyers it was low key as it comes .

"Her family nor mine know that we're married, but I would love to give her a public proposal after asking her mum as my beautiful wife has been rock throughout all of this and i just wanna make her day."

As for impostors, Reddit users are watching for any signs of an ingenuine request, and the user has asked to meet the winning couple in person.

It is unclear why the engagement ring is no longer needed but the original poster said the move was inspired by another Redditor who also gave a way a diamond ring.