06/01/2016 8:05 AM AEDT | Updated 15/07/2016 12:51 PM AEST

Traveller Tatyana Leonov Is Not The Best At Yoga, And That's Why We Love Her Instagram Account NotAYogini

Tatyana Leonov / Instagram

In the glamorous world of Instagram travel photos, there's one woman who dares to be ridiculous.

Amid the perfectly posed poolside pics and impossibly fresh airport lounge snaps you'll find Tatyana Leonov, probably upside down, doing a cheeky, half-baked yoga pose.

My 2016 goal was to perfect the headstand. One day is all I needed. Namaste.

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The travel writer shares her happy snaps on Instagram under the name NotAYogini and told The Huffington Post Australia it was all about fun.

"I'm bad at yoga and I travel a lot so I thought why not combine the two?" Leonov told HuffPost Australia.

"There are hundreds and thousand of amazing yogis and yoginis out there but I'm not by any means teaching anyone.

"It started at Uluru for the Australian Society of Travel Writers AGM. We were waiting for something and being a bit dorky. It just escalated."

I start every flight with an asana. You can do yoga anywhere, anytime. Namaste.

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Leonov's done the bridge pose in front of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the chair in Utkatasana, atsana in an airplane, you get the idea, and along the way, she's picked up followers who share her carefree attitude to life.

"I have people requesting poses or asking for a guest post," Leonov said. "One person was telling me 'You're so inspiring'," Leonov said.

The tree pose, inspired by trees' ability to move while staying still.

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"I'm just being me. Take it or leave it."

Expect more NotAYogini pics from Myanmar and Europe this year.

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The upward extended feet pose offers respite from the stresses of grocery shopping.

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