07/01/2016 12:26 PM AEDT | Updated 15/07/2016 12:51 PM AEST

Beyonce's Run The World (Girls) Reimagined As A Female-Led French Revolution

Ibrahim Maalouf | Run The World (Girls) (Eng Sub) from Jérôme de Gerlache on Vimeo.

It's Totalitarian France in the year 2027 and the Government want to firmly divide all immigrants from French-born citizens.

The hypothetical regime sees only one France -- a totally controlled group.

But under the cover of darkness a revolution is brewing through female-led resistance groups who want to bring society together.

The events are spread across the city but two police officers are on their way to infiltrate one of these rallies.

When they arrive, the group's leader -- played by Hajiba Fahmy who has danced in Beyonce's tours since 2013 -- attempts to convince them to join the resistance, through peace, of course, not violence.

The short film is ultimately an ode to brotherhood in the wake of the Paris terrorist attacks which took place on November 13, 2015.

The action plays out to a Trumpet remake of Beyonce' Run The World (Girls) by French musician Ibrahim Maalouf.

Maalouf, originally from Beirut, Lebanon, was widely reported by French media to have been apprehended by police following the Paris terror attacks, describing himself as collateral damage of the heightened state of emergency the city was put under.

The short film says so much without saying much at all in a time where not only France, but the entire world, are struggling to come to grips with groups attempting to insert division and terror into society.

The film was directed by Jérôme de Gerlache. You can see more from the filmmaker over here.

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